About Us

Ice Cube Leasing was created to provide an affordable solution for businesses needing ice. Our team has over 30 years of experience and serves businesses of all sizes.

As authorized Hoshizaki warranty representatives, we serve the entire British Columbia region with the best ice machines. Our machines are in Metro Vancouver (GVRD), Vancouver Island, Nanaimo, Courtney, Victoria, Okanagan, Hope, Whistler, Lillooet and more. Find out how easy and affordable our service is. Contact us now!

Our Mandate

When you lease with us, you can expect a reliable, top of the line Hoshizaki Ice Machine. Our worry-free Ice Machines are fully serviced and maintained by our Hoshizaki Factory Authorized Warranty professionals.

Good working equipment allows you to focus on your business, instead of troublesome machines that drain your time and money. This is why leasing is the smart choice!

With Ice Cube Leasing, dependability is not an option, it’s our business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer 1: 3 items:

  1. A voided cheque for Pre-Authorized Debit payment
  2. A Damage Deposit of $500
  3. Water supply, floor drain, and electrical at site.
Answer 2: Call a professional plumber for the water and floor drain installation, and licensed electrician for the electrical supply to site.
Answer 3: Payment only allowed by Pre-Authorized Debit. We DO NOT accept cheques or credit cards. You may be subject to a Credit Check.
Answer 4: YES. If for whatever reason your business no longer needs the Ice Machine, you must call Ice Cube Leasing to pick up the equipment. NOTE: The damage deposit will not be refunded if you cancel your lease prior to 36 months from the start date.
Answer 5: Providing power is on and water supply to the unit is good, we look after the rest – no charges to you (service charges will apply if the problem is not a part of actual Ice Machine.) Call us at 604-618-4091, Monday to Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.
Answer 6: We can take it in for recycling at no charge to you.
Answer 7: 4 options:

  1. Return all the equipment and your $500 damage deposit is refunded (providing there is no damage.)
  2. Sign a new lease with the same price with the original equipment.
  3. Sign a new lease with new equipment with a slight increase in cost.
  4. Buy the equipment at fair market value determined by Ice Cube Leasing.
Answer 8: Yes. Although 12 units are detailed on our site, several other Hoshizaki Ice Machines are available for leasing (including larger industrial ice machines). Please call us at 604-618-4091 for more details.

- Mike, Urban Well Irish Pub

What is holding you back?

Ask us any questions that you may have and we'll be happy to answer them. Serving B.C. Canada region.