Why Lease from Ice Cube Leasing?

With leasing, you control your capital, get flexible terms, update your equipment and get the best Ice Machine and storage bin for a low monthly lease payment. Why not lease? Contact us now!

Canadian cash

Conserve and control cash

Save your working capital by making a predictable monthly ice machine leasing expense, which helps you budget better and conserve money.

Key Benefits

  • Minimal up-front cost
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Keeps your capital available

Upgrade broken or outdated equipment

Ice is critical to hospitality – ask restaurants or bars! Avoid disappointing customers and upgrade your ice machine now before it breaks down.


  • Different ice making capacities
  • We only supply top-of-the-line Hoshizaki Ice Machines

ice in drinks Ice Cube Leasing
financial benefits Ice Cube Leasing

Tax and financial benefits

Leasing provides tax benefits to your company. Lease payments can reduce taxable income better than depreciation expense. In addition, your lease is viewed as a business expense instead of long-term debt.


  • Leasing can be written off as business expense
  • Flexible lease terms
  • More attractive balance sheet

Stress-free Ice Machine

Ice is food, so it must be kept clean and safe. This requires proper ice machine care and cleaning. We include all these services in our leases!


  • Free Ongoing maintenance including parts and labour
  • Filter Change and sanitizing
  • Proper maintenance produces better tasting ice
  • Professional cleaning every six months

Ice is food
Hassle free service

Hassle-free service

When you lease with Ice Cube Leasing, we take care of everything that usually costs a bundle in hefty fees when purchasing an ice machine. There are no hidden costs!


  • Free Delivery
  • Free Installation
  • Disposal of old ice machine
- Maple, Murrayville Liquor Store

Grow your business with Ice Cube Leasing as your partner

Focus on your business, instead of dealing with the headaches that come with installing, fixing and maintaining old machines.

With Ice Cube Leasing, you can depend on a hassle-free Ice Machine. It’s the smart choice to make.

Find out how easy it is to lease

Call us to find out if leasing is right for your business. Serving B.C. Canada region.